Su Yim

Social Media Specialist, Professional Performance Development Group

For the last 116 years, the San Antonio Children’s Center in Texas has been providing child survivors a safe haven from abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Today, SA Children’s shelter is a trauma-informed and care certified organization that provides emergency shelter and therapeutic residential treatment for children in crisis. For children that experienced abuse and neglect, the holidays can be a very lonely and trying period. Child abuse leads to isolation, and children living through it often miss their family and friends throughout while housed at the shelter. The holidays can intensify these feelings, so SA Children’s shelter strives to make the Holidays as fun and cheerful as possible.

This year, Professional Performance participated in “Shoes 4 Kids: Little feet going places” shoe-drive with San Antonio Children’s Shelter. Elisa Perez, PPDG Benefits Administration Coordinator, headed this humanitarian effort so that Shelter’s children may not be without a gift during the holidays. Every employee at Professional Performance pitched in and brought brand new shoes. Many purchased children’s shoes voluntarily and often bought multiple pairs for the cause. The shoe drive began on August 14th and continued on until November 22, 2017. Before long, the pairs of little shoes started to mount on top of each other on the table near Ms. Perez’s office. So many shoes were coming in, we had to move our donation location from Ms. Perez’s desk to company hallway, then finally to the company storage room where all the shoes were finally collected. It was due to this enthusiastic response from our team members and brilliant planning by Ms. Elisa Perez, that Professional Performance was able to donate over 108 pairs of shoes to San Antonio Children’s Shelter. We like to thank everyone who participated in Professional Performance for their generosity. Across the country, millions of children are in need of help. Often it is just a kind gesture or a feeling of knowing that someone cares for them to make it through during their ordeal. Take a little step towards making this holiday much more meaningful this year. You can donate by visiting online donation portal at

Happy Holidays.

Photo: Professional Performance Development Group donating 108 pairs of children’s shoes to San Antonio Children’s Shelter. (Representing SA Children’s Shelter, from left to right: Felisa Perez, India Chumney, Janice Bobo. Representing PPDG, from right to left: Ana Maria Lecea, President of PPDG, Inc. and Elisa Perez)

Photo Credit: Robin Bland,  Graphic Artist, PPDG Inc. ©2017 PPDG, Inc. All Rights Reserved