Quality Assurance Program


This overview of PPDG’s Quality Assurance Program provides our clients with an understanding of how we manage their programs and how we ensure that all contract deliverables are reviewed by senior Management before release. 


PPDG prides itself on the delivering only the highest quality products and services. To achieve this level of quality, our QAP principles and procedures are integrated into all aspects of our daily administrative and support operations. Our quality begins with senior management and flows through all levels of program and project management to the individual team members working on specific client support tasks. Our strategy is manifested by a commitment of time and resources necessary to ensure that project data and resulting deliverables are precise, accurate, complete, and totally satisfy client requirements. Our approach to ensure high-quality deliverables is simple: plan, execute, monitor, adjust, and deliver. This approach is focused on defined repeatable processes, which are key elements to achieving high quality cost effectiveness. Using this philosophy, we track projects with scheduled quality reviews and monitor that both deliverables and budgets are within satisfactory levels. The use of independent reviewers for evaluating the project protects the objectivity and injects confidence in the outcome. At each review, the team discusses current state and areas of risk that could affect the project. All risks are continuously reviewed with the team and the client is aware of any potential impacts. Each quality review is documented and any items that cannot be resolved during the meeting are reported to Contract Managers for tracking and resolution. 

Beyond the use of project management tools, our QAP uses solid information and change management practices along with status reporting metrics for each project. Built into each deliverable plan are reviews prior to release to the clients. Our team of industry experts covers all but two of the Seaport zones. Our collaborative information environment (MS office 2007) has built-in versioning and document control allowing us to track the status of documents for submission to final release. 

Although we have a defined and repeatable process, we realize that each contract brings new and exciting challenges. To ensure that each project receives our utmost attention to quality, we will specifically tailor the details of our QA Plan into a contract-specific QA Plan that will provide primary guidance to all team members. Each project will have detailed work process requirements that have documented, clear procedures that are focused on cost savings and achieving best practice solutions. PPDG insists on  the use of our repeatable process approach for all new Task Orders, but allows proven team member observations for recurring task orders to control costs and ensure the highest level of provided support. Through continuous quality monitoring we provide continuous improvement of our products and services. We support process change and will re-engineer our processes to improve our capabilities and services that can improve the United States war fighter capabilities.


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