Since 1984, Teamwork has remained the hallmark of our success. Professional Performance helps healthcare professionals and other well-qualified candidates to accomplish their lifelong goals. With team contract sites, Professional Performance has the knowledge, expertise, and resources to meet the needs and exceed expectations of our team members. But our commitment goes beyond initial job placement. Whether it’s a career development or simply furthering your education, we will work together to accomplish even greater success.

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Professional Performance is the award-winning professional staffing service. We are the “Preferred Partner” recognized for innovation and integrity as a reputable government contractor. The diverse and cumulative expertise of our teams provides proven value to both government and commercial clients, ensuring stability of service and smooth transitions during multiple contract startups.

The Professional Performance Difference

1) Team Member’s compensation plans are based on local market surveys, and we provide paid time off and federal holidays as well as competitive salary.

2) Professional Performance also provides full “cafeteria” plan of benefits that include: medical, dental, vision, life, short and long term disability, dependent care reimbursement, and 401(k) retirement plan.

3) Career development takes precedence at Professional Performance. Our team members work at government and commercial sites with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, giving our team members an exclusive access to exotic technology and advances in medicine.

4) We offer cooperative workplace environment with stability of employment, team spirit, and integrity to ensure our team members are treated fairly, and recognized for their performance.

5) Professional Performance is the only government contractor to offer “Shortened Pathway Career Program” (industry-first tuition discount program) with Purdue University Global. Team members can build a brighter future together with Professional Performance.

A 2017 Annual Employee Survey showed that 96% of our employees agreed that we matched their skills to the job and the facility, and 53% said that PPDG did an EXCELLENT job!

Employees in the field and in the Corporate office are offered frequent participation opportunities in company decisions through surveys.

• 86% of our new employees rated our hiring process as satisfactory or above, and 49% said it was excellent.
• We provide competitive compensation and excellent benefits-88% of our team members agree compensation was Good to Excellent, and 97% that their wages and benefits were thoroughly explained.
• 100% of team members surveyed thought our staff and career growth opportunities were great.
• We stay in close touch with our employees, whether they are in Alaska, Texas, or Guam by way of employee surveys and communications.

We learned through the Alumni Survey in 2015, that 94% of our former team members (employees from 2013-14) would like to come back to work again for PPDG.

Professional Performance proudly and actively hires veterans.
According to Federal Contractor Veterans’ Employment Report, Professional Performance employed 57 veterans in 2016.
That means 18% of our team members (field employees and corporate staff) are veterans.



PPDG provides multiple disciplinary healthcare job solutions to our commercial and government clients and their employees, with successful and timely contract performance in over 250 sub-specialties including physicians, nursing, therapy, technicians, and more.


PPDG provides a world of IT services worldwide to meet the needs of healthcare and business. These services even include web design & development and support & management of computer-based information systems. Our experience encompasses 212 Professional and 86 Technology specialties.


Moonlighting by PPDG™ offers Healthcare job opportunities for nurses, physicians, and ancillary healthcare professionals to provide their skills to commercial and military medical treatment facilities. We are here to cover Nights, Weekends, Holidays, and extended staff absences, ensuring that patients receive the quality care they deserve.


The Event Center at Plaza Lecea is designed for corporate meetings and social events. The management and staff offer clients turn-key solutions for hosting a full range of event sizes, from 3 to 300 guests.

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