Professional Performance is organized into four specialized service lines to better serve our commercial clients and employees by hiring and retaining the very best. Each product line has the full support of a diverse and experienced team of experts. We have maintained our reputation for integrity, innovation, and performance among federal contractors and highly-skilled healthcare employees since 1984. PPDG focuses on a unique business ecosystem: with a proprietary ERM software; the first “healing environment” office complex in San Antonio; and teamwork spirit that extends beyond the required contract fulfillment.


We have provided Medical & Behavioral Health professionals to 140 Healthcare Providers nationwide. PPDG's field of expertise includes 126 Healthcare and 73 Behavioral Health Specialties.


PPDG provides a world of IT services worldwide to meet the needs of healthcare and business. These services even include web design & development and support & management of computer-based information systems. Our experience encompasses 212 Professional and 86 Technology specialties.


Moonlighting by PPDG™ offers Healthcare job opportunities for nurses, physicians, and ancillary healthcare professionals to provide their skills to commercial and military medical treatment facilities. We are here to cover Nights, Weekends, Holidays, and extended staff absences.


The Event Center at Plaza Lecea is designed for corporate meetings and social events. The management and staff offer clients turn-key solutions for hosting a full range of event sizes, from 3 to 300 guests.


 Professional Performance has successfully performed at over 189 work sites in the United States and abroad.

This success has resulted in continued prosperity to our partners, team members, and a higher quality of healthcare to our community.

PPDG has developed our exclusive ERM (Enterprise Resource Management) software called Unity. Unity ensures all contract requirements and legal compliance reporting are monitored and met. Unity captures large amounts of detailed information to track data over the life of the contract, and automatically notifies our teams of upcoming priority events such as expiration dates of professional licenses and certifications. Through our ERM software, we are able to provide excellent service in locations throughout the world. Professional Performance proudly and actively hires veterans.