This overview of Professional Performance’s Balanced Scorecard Integrated Strategic Planning Performance Management System provides our clients with an understanding of how we manage their contracts/programs and how we ensure that all contract deliverables are reviewed by senior management before release.

Professional Performance is dedicated to delivering only the highest quality services. To achieve this level of quality control principles and procedures are based on the “Balanced Scorecard” (BSC) quality control system and the processes are integrated into all aspects of our daily administrative and support operations.

Professional Performance has been using BSC as its quality control & assurance program since 2006. The BSC is the most effective quality control system for a service company as it does not burden the team members with frivolous assignments and minutia, yet focuses on what is critical and effective to achieve corporate strategic goals. BSC is also scalable and highly customizable.

We believe in checks and balances. PPDG has two corporate professional members trained in the BSC assigned to manage the Balanced Scorecard program. The “Corporate Initiatives Coordinator”, who reports directly to Professional Performance’s President, designs, coordinates, and oversees the BSC quality assurance program. A second representative is assigned to conduct audits of work performed to evaluate the quality of the work at all levels of the organization to meet the targets and goals. All audits are reviewed by senior management on a monthly and quarterly basis. Our collaborative information environment consisting of MS Office 2010, Unity, our proprietary ERM system, and the BSC provide substantive information throughout the organization to ensure that requirements are being met or exceeded. These systems provide the required information to permit early identification of problems and agile self-correction by the organization.